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Using our unique content building software, which is built in to every business website we create, you'll find wonderful ease of use.

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It's all very well paying top dollar for your website build, but your web designer only wants to see their site look good.  Selling for you is an entirely different matter.  Marketing Bugle are absolute experts at all aspects of online marketing, which is how your business benefits.


Business Amazon Alexa Skills created by Marketing Bugle

Coming Soon For Marketing Bugle Clients

September 20, 2019

Business Amazon Alexa Skills created by Marketing Bugle We have all, no doubt, heard about Amazon’s Alexa Echo and Alexa Echo Dot etc. whereby users can simply ask the device something and it brings them the answer in that ‘Alexa’ voice that sounds so kind and trustworthy. Well, very soon YOU will be able to…

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Sample Challenge

Enjoy The Challenge

August 17, 2019

No matter which business niche you are involved in, setting a fun challenge for your potential clients can work wonders towards making your event, service or product launch a complete success. By awarding points to participants each time they complete a task, you can offer rewards along the way to keep them actively Sharing your…

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15k Views on one video in one month

Bugle Academy TV Just Keeps Getter Better ….

May 1, 2019

Things are changing for the better on Marketing Bugle Academy’s Roku TV channel. The network categorisation for all the different types of videos is now going to be sorted in such a a way that potetnial viewers will be able to find what they are looking for right away. The subscription model for video producers…

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Facebook for Locals

February 3, 2019

There’s nothing wrong with creating a website and failing to monetise it. If you just want to write articles or post pictures or host videos, that’s your prerogative. However, if you want to make money, you need to know how to convert website visitors into customers. Lookalike-Audiences Those business owners who are using Facebook to…

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Lightning Delivery

Your Business Website In The Cloud

November 24, 2018

YOUR BUSINESS WEBSITE CAN RUN FASTER! We can now build your website so that it runs in the cloud …. Meaning that page load times will increase many-fold. It’s now a must to have your website pages loading in less than 4 seconds, otherwise the search engines may not rank it highly or, if it…

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Live Webinars, They’re The Thing

November 1, 2018

Marketing Bugle have always been able to ‘get your webinar out there’ but, to present a live broadcast was something you had to pay thousands of pounds year for, plus a monthly fee and extra if you wanted a bigger audience, goodness. Thankfully, that’s a thing of the past now as Marketing Bugle can now…

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FB Ads Solution

Why Choose Marketing Bugle To Create And Run Your Facebook Ad Campaigns?

October 11, 2018

FB Ads Solution Unlike agencies, we go deeper into client FB Ad campaigns in order to find exactly what will work for them. It’s all very well running an Ad or two to ‘see what happens’ but with Marketing Bugle, you’ll be benefiting from specialist software that helps make each campaign more successful than ever…

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At Last! The Best Page & Funnel Builder Arrives

June 29, 2018

B I G – A N N O U N C E M E N T [Marketing Bugle Accelerated Sales Funnels] Now YOUR business can run on the fastest and highest converting platform in the world! At last!  Now you can have your sales funnel, website hosting and shopping cart all under one roof. Using…

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6 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Marketing to ‘Marketing Bugle’

May 3, 2018

Online marketing is easy. Everybody’s doing it, from bloggers to Etsy entrepreneurs. Why should you pay for something you can do yourself, right? You could look at it that way. It’s certainly true that technology has made marketing more accessible than ever. If you’re just starting out, you may think that spending money to hire…

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Free Can Be Costing Your Business

Why Free Costs So Much With Website Hosting

April 23, 2018

So often we’re asked about hosting on the low-cost budget website hosting services or even about the, so called, ‘free’ web hosting accounts that are available. Why do our potential clients ask such? Well, as some of them may be just starting out in business, they are obviously looking at the cheapest way to get…

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Facebook’s Zuckerberg fires back at ‘glib’ Apple’s Tim Cook

April 2, 2018

  Mark Zuckerberg says it is “extremely glib” to suggest Facebook does not care about its users. Facebook’s chief executive has defended his leadership following criticism from his counterpart at Apple. Mark Zuckerberg said it was “extremely glib” to suggest that because the public did not pay to use Facebook that it did not care…

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Automated Webinar Playout System

New Webinar Funnel Building To 10x Your Success

March 29, 2018

Marketing Bugle have been running webinar funnels for some time but our latest version of this magnificent platform has proven to work wonders for small businesses. Coaches, consultants and anyone running online courses or similar are benefiting enormously due to the way the webinars are run on a continuous basis. We run Facebook Ads, drive…

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Connect Messenger to Your FB Business Pages

Chat Messenger Service On Your Business Websites

March 25, 2018

Connect Messenger to Your FB Business Pages Marketing Bugle can now connect your website to your Facebook Business Page, via the Facebook Messenger API.  Fully compliant with their Terms of Service, Bugle Site-Connect enables you to instantly receive questions from potential clients for your website pages or people can signup to receive your ‘Broadcast Messages’…

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Online Courses - Marketing Bugle websites configured to run your classes

Online Course Portal Improvements

March 13, 2018

Online Courses – Marketing Bugle websites configured to run your classes Click Above Image To View Existing ‘Online Course’ Portal by Marketing Bugle One of our most popular websites is the online course portal which is now home to eCourses covering all kinds of business niches. However, Marketing Bugle are currently testing a new online…

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Help Desk from Marketing Bugle

Help Is Never Far Away

March 13, 2018

The new Marketing Bugle Help-Desk has launched for both pre-sales enquiries and for clients. We did trial a system a while back but found we didn’t need the bells and whistles but, rather, something that was easy for people to use and understand. There is a knowledgebase in place which will grow as people start…

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Book a Business Consultation Over Skype or Zoom

Calculating the Value of a Lifetime Customer – What You Need to Know

February 9, 2018

Attracting new customers is the most important marketing goal you can have. That’s what you’d think based on the way a lot of people approach marketing. But is that the correct approach? Is your time (and money) well spent if you focus on attracting new customers? Brace yourself, because the opposite is true. You’ll get…

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1000mph Webhosting by Marketing Bugle

The Day The World Span Faster

February 9, 2018

1000mph Webhosting by Marketing Bugle It’s happened.  The one thing I’d like to have achieved before I met my maker 😊 was to run a FULL website on Amazon’s AWS servers. Amazon servers are the most secure and fastest that humans can have and where on 9th Feb 2018 I achieved this goal that I’d…

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Live-Stream Video Raning by Marketing Bugle

Live Streaming On Youtube – Ready to Rank?

January 26, 2018

The image above shows how, by using local keywords, it is easier to rank your video after it has been used to ‘Live-Stream’ to This local business video ranked at No1 for the search term within 27 minutes … not just inside Youtube but also on the Google search engine results pages. Testing our…

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V is for video header - Marketing Bugle

Facebook Cover Videos Launched

January 22, 2018

V is for video header – Marketing Bugle Facebook have now released an exciting new update that CAN work for businesses and, indeed, it does. Instead of just a boring image or text, you can now have a VIDEO play back on top of your Timeline to replace the ordinary static cover image. Marketing Bugle…

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Reaching Your Business Goal - Marketing Bugle

Your 2018 Approach To Social Media

January 6, 2018

Where is social media marketing going in 2018? Good question. The social media landscape seems to change constantly. Facebook is constantly adding new features and tweaking their algorithms, and even people who use social media to market every day sometimes find themselves wondering how to keep up. The key is not so much trying to…

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What People Are Saying About Martyn Brown's Marketing Bugle Business ...


Martyn, A gold for you as a way of saying Thank You


This is a brilliant idea that I am liking a lot. You have honestly earned my gold due to it's originality. I am impressed Martyn


Martyn, I would just like to say thankyou for this blueprint, I think its a great idea and something any of us can do with little money to lay out up front, Regards

David Lee


...this has been really useful and I'd not thought of it so I'm glad Martyn brought it to our attention - I bought a domain last night and put it up straight away.

Jean W.


...many thanks Martyn for giving us an idea that we can all do and achieve from I for one will be looking into this.

David J.

Yes I was using WordPress and your advice worked perfectly - many thanks


Double Glazing Repairs

I get regular enquiries from the web site that Viva! Poole built for me. It's simple but ranks highly and gets me business. That's what a web site should be doing.


Paula Dack

Poole, Dorset

Hi Martyn,
Just to say THANK YOU for what you did with our advertisement and for the review, it was fantastic. Can I have an extra box of 500 magazines for our next promotion, please?


Wareham, Dorset

I got work from the Baiter, Poole area and, of course, will stay in your magazine all year!


Dee Skinner


The website that you built for me is now my main website. It's getting around 6000 visitors every month. Beats my old 'ten people a month' statistic 🙂

Steve Hines

Thanks Martyn. I appreciate the tips. I have purchased a few domain names that should work nicely for my hometown. I'll look into the deal with hostgator/wordpress an see what I can come up with. Thanks again for such a great idea and the helpful follow up.



Several posts I've discovered (like this one) is already paying off. This is excellent advice.

Jimmy Wrex


Epic!  Thanks, Martyn

L. Sparks

Bournemouth, Dorset

We got over 90 'Likes' on our Facebook page due to the Viva! QR Code programme, that's fantastic

P. Stainer


We kept getting telephone calls on one particular number and then realised that the only place we had advertised that new number was in your Viva! QR magazine. This proves to me that advertising with you works very well. We will stay with you, of course

M. Young

Poole, Dorset

We have been on Martyn's front page for two years now. I am planning to go onto the back page as well.


A. Wills

Ferndown, Dorset

My website's pages are appearing on page one of the search engines for my keywords after you built the website.
I've been number one for years as a result.
Thanks, Martyn, I wouldn't use anyone else's service.


Poole, Dorset

I've had three calls today as a direct result of being in your mag. It's only been published a day so I'm quite excited about what else it will bring in. Fantastic!

S. Dyer


Martyn, you've got the patience of a saint. Thanks for all your hard work under our demanding schedule. The site is now comfortably on the first page, cheers mate


N. James


Martyn, Thanks for your input into my online forum with your advice and guidance to my members. I really, really appreciate it. Keep up the good work while I'm away


Rotherhithe, London

Martyn, Thank for your hard work in making up advertisements for my radio station. You've made it sound really professional ... like a proper station lol


Lytchett Minster, Poole

The video you made has now had over 35,000 views ... to be honest, I never expected that, well done and thank you,

Paul Barratt

Paul B.

Canford Cliffs

I've just made my first ever DVD sale. Thanks for uploading the videos, Martyn.


Branksome Park

Some of the videos you put on YouTube for us are getting thousands of views while others, hundreds. I'll tell the musicians, they'll LOVE it! Thanks a million, Martyn



Martyn, between the two main sites, I'm getting over 16,000 visitors a month. Thank you. Your plain and simple advice has worked wonders. The listbuilding idea was a gem.

Ken E.


I never knew that you could get such a positive response and get targeted leads from LinkedIn. I've been on it for years but not really bothered with it. You seem to know all the secrets, Martyn


Longham, Dorset

I should have known that you make ordinary QR Codes work wonders with your 'special' touch. My list is growing faster than ever and my Facebook likes are going through the roof lol, Thanks Martyn and a big hug, too lol



I've never seen anything like this as far as QR Codes go. Thanks for showing me this, Martyn


Lytchett Minster, Poole, Dorset

... Can you stop the campaign, please?  We have too many people, the staff can't cope.  I didn't realise you meant what you said about us being busy once you created our promo and it goes live.



Parkstone, Poole

Goes That Extra Mile!  Martyn is an absolute gem. Extremely knowledgeable, experienced and passionate about his subject, he keeps up-to-date with the latest trends in the fast-moving world of internet marketing. He loves what he does and goes the extra mile to satisfy his clients. What’s more he’s extremely likeable. I would not want to be without such an amazing resource. He comes highly recommended. Get him while you can!




So Refreshing!  You simply don’t get this One to One type servcie nowadays.  We were kept up to date about what is happening at all times and the team from Bugle were there when we needed them.  Marketing Bugle really do genuinely care about each and every client.



So Impressive!  Martyn ran and created ideas for our online forum in the membership site.  After a year he not only won an award for it but also helped launch our offline newsletter which has gone from strength to strength.



Very Enjoyable!  The team from Marketing Bugle make it an enjoyable task where they train you at your level where they are patient throughout.  Got the initial task completed quickly and efficiently and the ongoing service shows their competance at digital marketing.


Ferndown, Dorset

Expert IT Background!  Martyn has been a great asset with any new business ventures which we have undertaken over the past year, not only within the magazine but also combining any advertising we do with his expert IT background and using the internet in an effective way.



How talented you are amazing, Martyn


Lorna Trent

Bournemouth, Dorset

I love it - you are amazing - thank you so much - you are a star

I think it looks so much better than any of the other home boarding sites, very professional but friendly.

You are an angel, go and have a nice drink, you deserve it.

I can't stop looking at the site, I like it so much xx

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