Why Choose Marketing Bugle To Create And Run Your Facebook Ad Campaigns?

FB Ads Solution
FB Ads Solution

Unlike agencies, we go deeper into client FB Ad campaigns in order to find exactly what will work for them.

It’s all very well running an Ad or two to ‘see what happens’ but with Marketing Bugle, you’ll be benefiting from specialist software that helps make each campaign more successful than ever experienced before.

Facebook have recently changed how the have your Ads work in to bring a user success and so Marketing Bugle have altered the way that they implement each campaign.

Many agencies are still using the old, out of date, strategies that still run your Ads but with little or no positive outcome.

Lead Generation Ads

An example is the way ‘Lead-Ads’ work.  Marketing Bugle can take your leads and add them to your email marketing autoresponder database in an instant.  Clients usually have to find their leads, download them from Facebook and then upload them to their email system manually.  This took time and, by the time a client got in touch with their potential customer, the lead was cold and unresponsive.  Marketing Bugle can save this precious time and, indeed, it results in more conversions and sales.

Custom Audiences

Marketing Bugle can connect you with your audience automatically.  No more manually downloading or uploading CSV files or having outdated custom audiences.  Our specialist tools will keep your custom audiences in sync with your email list.  Ultimately, you can crate Facebook Custom Audiences based on your CRM/Autoresponder.

Retargeting Your Potential Customer

Built for web-based retargeting on Facebook, our retargeting tool can retarget your website visitors using Facebook Ads based on how they behave on your website.

Example; Only show your Ads to those who A) stayed on your site for X amount of time or B) Scrolled to a certain point of your sales page or C) Visited your site Y number of times.

This saves you money as you only retarget those who have proven to be genuinely interested in your offer and NOT those who land on your page and, immediately, leave because they aren’t at all interested.

Visitors who fall into your pre-set filters are much more likely to convert.

Explore Interests of Your Target Audience

This is a super powerful tool that is unique to Marketing Bugle Facebook Ad creation a it helps us to find and identify  ‘Interests’ to target using Facebook Ads.

Using this too, we are able to find more interests that your business campaign can target than you can using the Facebook Ads Manager itself (something that many agencies use alone and where it’s extremely limiting in some business niches).

It also allows for us to break down your Facebook Ads stats on an interest-per-interest level, so you can see which interests work best for you over time.  This information is NOT available anywhere else.

So, as you can see, Marketing Bugle can ensure that your Ad creative is right, save you time and money when dealing with leads and potential customers, finds your ideal audience for you, can retarget those who you already KNOW are interested in what you are offering and can keep everything in sync while your list grows meaning, your CRM or Autoresponder is never out of date.

In a nutshell, going to any old agency to run your Facebook Ad campaigns for you isn’t the answer as they tend to just go through the motions and ‘see what happens’.  While, in the case of Marketing Bugle, we have tools that nobody else has access to that DO make the difference between a successful sales funnel and a complete failure.

Join us for your next Facebook campaign here at Marketing Bugle.


Coming Soon to Our Facebook Marketing Service

PostAd Automation.

Turning posts that are doing well into Ads can be awkward and very time consuming, plus getting the targeting correct can be something of a headache for businesses.  Enter PostAd Automation.

Based on predetermined ‘rules’, Marketing Bugle can ensure that your best performing posts are included in a powerful Ad campaign.

By monitoring every post for certain criteria like, views, Likes, reach, Comments, Reactions, Shares and so on, we’ll KNOW when to launch your post on Facebook into an Ad campaign that gets better results.

This new feature is being launched early November.