Never Fret About Selling ‘High-Ticket’ Items Again

'Sales Page Bugle' gets Webinars working for you 24/7
'Sales Page Bugle' gets Webinars working for you 24/7

The launch of the new Sales-Page Bugle occurred on October 21st 2017 and looks to be becoming a hit, judging by the pilot scheme runs.

No less than three businesses are going through the funnel building and getting very encouraging results.

The 'Sales-'Funnel' Bugle' programme consists of Pay-Per-Click advertising to drive traffic to a specially created landing page which invites visitors to attend a forthcoming 20 minute webinar.

On giving their name and email address (which adds them to the business's email marketing database) they can attend the pre-recorded webinar at a pre-determined time or within a minute or two from signing up.

The webinars are stored in a software that can play out at any time and can also be 'replayed'.

Attendees can ask live questions which are immediately sent to the business running the webinar and who can reply right away.  Questions asked during the webinar replay can be replied to and directly delivered into the attendee's email inbox.

During the webinar attendees can receive downloadable bonuses or handouts at any time, automatically.

They can also be redirected at the end of the presentation to any landing page, to any download or any direction pre-selected by the business.  A popular choice is to a survey (to qualify if they get a personal call-back for a consultation) or an appointment making software to book in their slot.  Payment can be taken at any stage.

Call-To-Action buttons can also pop up for the attendees to interact with.

The webinars are pre-recorded but are made to appear live to give the exciting impression of a real-time presentation.  This is why questions posted in the comments box can be answered then and there.  It also increases sign ups, conversions and sales into the businesses sales funnel.

The presenter doesn't have to actually be there on every webinar but they, or a representative can keep up with the Q&As coming in live.

Why run the webinars this way?  To capture as many of the people who click on the PPC ads (run from Facebook Ads etc.) as possible.  The webinars can literally be run as often as you please.

If someone misses a webinar after they booked their seat, they can view a replay or anyone who attended can view it again … it's all built in to the programme.

The Sales-Page Bugle programme is ideal for higher ticket items that are usually harder to sell or find a target audience for.  They are designed and created based on the most successful systems that have gone before and formed in a way that is easy for potential customers to join, follow and buy into.  Early results have been excellent and where consultants, life coaches, the health related niche, interior designers and more, have all enjoyed early success with Sales-Page Bugle.

Never fret about selling high-ticket items again.  Using Sales-Page Bugle certainly improves your chances of getting the right people to invite into your programme and charge what you or your service are really worth.  Contact Marketing Bugle to find out more.