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Our Success Is Because Of Our Unique Marketing Tools

Your online sales funnel can be as short or as long as it needs to be and where Marketing Bugle can handle every aspect.  From email marketing and Social Media PPC Ads to Promo Videos and Website Building, just contact us.

Live Presentations:

Live Slide show and audio presentations are ideal for any business gathering, especially when they can improve your marketing and bring you success.

Any subject in the offline, online marketing niche can be covered from short session to complete weekend events.


Live presentations are ideal for all from Sole Traders to Partnerships and bigger companies.  They are affordable and can make a serious improvement in your marketing efforts by showing you how your current efforts can be improved.


Not everyone can make an event but, the good news is, we can come to you.

Webinar Playout Systems

It’s great to present a business webinar (or any type of webinar, come to that) as they are proven to bring in higher conversions, even for high ticket items.

Marketing Bugle can make use of your current webinar recording (or you can create a new one) and even have a new one created for your business which can be played out over and over.

Our set up allows you to take your winning webinar and ensure that more people get to see it than ever possible before.


Rather than ‘waste’ a webinar and use it only once, how about having people book for it and enable them to view it whenever you run your promotions?

It gets better, they can even ask questions while it’s replaying and where you can reply live or send them an email later.  All signups are placed onto your email list with their permission so, a great way of building your potential customer subscribers.


As the playouts aren’t live, they may not convert as well as an actual Live presentation, however, because they keep on running, they do tend to perform very well no matter how long your campaigns run for.

Countdown ‘Deals’

Sending your target audience to website pages in order to gain signups to your email list or to attend an event or similar, requires the Landing Page to be build to convert your leads into buyers, for example.

Marketing Bugle create special pages that are a proven winner when comparing ‘ordinary’ web pages to their ‘build to convert’ Landing Pages.  They create urgency and contain every module to help your business get the sale or signup.


Affordable pages that can be changed ‘on the fly’ with no need to alter any links from your advertising pages etc..  Split-Testing is built in so you’ll always get the best page performing for you.


There is no access for businesses to edit their own account but everything can be done for you by the Marketing Bugle team, anyway.

Power Ads

An exciting new way to get even more signups to your regular email marketing system or events.

Points are earned by those who partake when they Share your offer to their friends and colleagues, visit your website, Friend you on Facebook or Like you etc. you can add quizzes and competitions, too.  Another proven way to get people reacting to your business posts.


Can be run on a continuous basis in order to build your following.


If you don’t make many offers, then it can hard to build your following.  The trick is to keep your offers coming which, in turn, grow your profits steadily.  Sample page

eLearning Membership Systems

Marketing Bugle run three types of membership programme to host your online courses.

Behind webinars, online courses earn the most profit for business users.

Certainly one of the most powerful systems to create online and which can be designed to bring constant income or used for company training purposes.


Once set up, these systems can run on auto-pilot with little intervention from the vendor.


Creating the initial course can be time consuming but Marketing Bugle can help you achieve this for each eLearning course you would like to develop.

'Whiteboard Scribe' Promo Videos

If SMS Text Marketing is powerful for offline business, then our special type of promo videos are the most powerful for online marketing and training.

Based on drawings or animations on a whiteboard, these short videos, typically 30 seconds to 1 mintue i length, have proven absolute winners for all businesses.

The way these videos are produced increases responses to offers and product or service advertising by 100s of percent.  They are also ideal for training purposes.


Already proven to increase response rates: Once response rates rise, so do sales, of course.  All videos perform better than basic text and images but our Whiteboard Scribe Promo Videos have even outperformed those.

Monitoring Clicks & Views: You can check how often your video is viewed, where it was viewed, how long for, which platform it was viewed on and so on.

Videos Can Contain Live Links: It's one thing to have your video online selling your wares but adding live links skyrockets your responses.  You can have a watermarked transparent logo in the top left of the video and a labelled button appear at the top right.  This increases reponses by redirecting the viewer to a landing page, Buy Now button, another video or email sign up form ... or wherever you want to send your potential customer.

Videos Can Be Shared: email sharing, Twitter, Facebook, embed buttons, HD full screen mode ... all these features are built-in to all video control panels to enhance their effectiveness.

Change Links etc. On The Fly: When you make changes to your video, all viewers see the changes, you don't have to re-launch each change.

All Features Work On Facebook: So many 'standard' marketing tools fail to work on Facebook due to the technical way that FB works.  However, all features on our Whiteboard Scribe Videos work perfectly when placed onto any Facebook account.

Fully Mobile Responsive:  Videos will resize to the size of the screen on any mobile device.  People can view your offers from anywhere.

Cons: It's best to release and upload videos on a regular basis to keep interest high and add potential customers to your subscriber list on an ongoing basis.
If you fail to do this, your responses will not be as high as they can be.

Prices start from £65.00

Guided Missile Surveys

Online surveys can be fun to do but there is a far more serious side to running them and, when produced properly, they can make a huge difference to your business.

Asking particular questions in a certain way is paramount and, when performed on a regular basis across all of your products and services, online surveys become a very valuable addition to your marketing arsenal.

Single choice, multiple choice and free-form replies can be accepted in our surveys.

They work on Facebook and can be embedded on any web page.

Your own logo and images can be added and they can even be configure to SPEAK the question to the participant.

The surveys work perfectly on mobile phones, too.


Mobile Responsive: Place the surveys anywhere and they resize to the correct mobile screen size automatically.

Easy To Measure: You are given a Username and Password to access statistics for all your surveys.

Email Integration: You can integrate your surveys in with any email newsletter Autoresponder system. Even segregate participants based on their replies.

Redirect To Any URL: You can send participants to any web address, file download or video, for example from any survey.

Lead-Generation Capability: Capturing email addresses from respondents is easy and the respondent can be rewarded for doing so. The completed survey can be linked to coupons, downloads or email Autoresponder series etc..

Features Work Directly From Facebook Tabs: You may not know it but, anything you place onto a Facebook Tab is NOT shown to viewers on a mobile phone. This alienates around 50% of your potential audience. Our ‘Guided Missile’ Surveys work perfectly on mobile phones when viewed on FB and are the first of their kind to do so. This DOUBLES your audience straight away.


Surveys really need to be updated and new surveys produced on a regular basis in order to work best for any business. However, the valuable results gained over time more than justify the time it takes to decide on the questions. Marketing Bugle perform all the technical side of things so, submit your questions, then leave the rest to us.

Prices start from £45.00 p/m

Guided Missile Offers & Events

This brand new concept gives you your own Username & Password to access an account where you can view stats about your online Coupon or Event promotions.

This unique way of promoting your Special Offers, Deals or Events can be Shared on Social Media and integrates with Facebook perfectly.

You can gain FB Likes by offering to ‘upgrade’ your offer (say, extra 10% off when you Like our Facebook page) where this not only increases your offer responses but skyrockets your page Likes, too.

A Countdown Timer can be implemented which is a proven winner to get people to partake in your offer as they feel that they don’t want to ‘miss out’.


Email Autoresponder Integration: Each coupon can add another person to your list of subscribers so that you can keep in touch and keep your offers going out to the very person who WANTS to hear from you, time and time again.

PDF Coupons: Coupons/Receipts can be downloaded and printed out. The recipient simply shows their coupon at your business to redeem it.

Unique Coupon Codes: You can configure each coupon to have a unique code or ensure that each campaign has its own code.

Urgency: Countdown Timers can be attached to your offer so potential customers can see how much time is left to go before the offer runs out. This increases take ups by 10x in many cases and is well worth implementing in each case.

Viral Possibilities: Your coupon or event voucher can be embedded anywhere online, including your own web pages. It can be linked directly to your Facebook pages on any FB Tab and works for mobile phone viewers, too.

Lead-Generation: The perfect tool for collecting customer leads. They can be stored in your account, posted to your own email Autoresponder system or downloaded to a CSV file for your use anywhere else.


Not sending out regular offers will mean fewer responses. Keep offers running, at least monthly.

Prices start at £45.00 per month.

email Marketing

Email is certainly one of the most used and most effective marketing tools on the Internet.

It’s both affordable and effective for businesses in growing lists of potential customers so that, when they are ready to buy, they buy from you.

This part of online marketing has become standard for Marketing Bugle … we use email Autoresponders in almost everything we do online, they are that essential towards ensuring you online marketing is successful and all goals are reached.

Building trust and a relationship with your potential customer is paramount if you want to ensure that they buy from you and keep on coming back to buy more.


One of the very best ways to capture and keep in touch with potential customers.

More sales are created from having an email list than any other ?format.


If not used often enough or emails written incorrectly it is difficult to maintain your list of subscribers.  You need to keep in touch on a regular basis for email marketing to work effectively.?

Pricing starts at £45.00 p/m for up to 5000 subscribers on your list. A one-time set-up and configuration fee may apply depending on your business requirements.

Guided Missile Podcasting For Business

Another service in our ‘Guided Missile’ series (so named because it targets your audience like a guided missile) is Podcasting For Business.

People listen to those who are an authority in their niche and, if YOU are, then get in touch … you should be making regular Podcasts to gain subscribers to whom you can sell to and get them to help your shows go viral.

Podcasting is fun to do but a little technical to set up, produce and get published so, why not let Marketing Bugle do the hard work for you?

Your Podcast need not be long, just contain enough points to hold the interest of your target audience and keep them coming back for more.

Your Podcast will not be sold but, rather, made available to millions of people already listening to this medium from places like Apple’s iTunes.

Hosting & Distribution of Podcasts is available and, of course, any add-on marketing that you may require.


Those in business who run a regular Podcast service for their potential customers/customers get more sales as their following grows.

Podcasting can be fun.  If you are already knowledgeable about your business niche, then producing a Podcast for others to enjoy will make you the authority 'go-to' company for your following, which can grow to hundreds or even thousands of people.

Marketing Bugle don't just host your Podcast, they can also distribute it to known top online sites.  We love marketing using Podcasts and promo videos.


Unless you produce your Podcast on a continuous and regular basis, responses will be very low or disappear completely.  Once you have set up a Podcast, a weekly, bi-monthly or monthly release is an ideal format to keep your customers coming back for more.

Leaflet Printing

Marketing Bugle can arrange for the printing of your fliers and leaflets for local distribution in the Poole, Dorset area.

Sometimes you just need a quick and simple way of advertising your event or letting the area know about your Special Offer and where the ideal way is to complete a leaflet drop.

Contact Marketing Bugle on 07710 904558 or email admin(at) for prices and more details.

We offer a design service for your leaflets and can distribute them throughout the Poole and Bournemouth areas.

No matter where you are in the UK, Marketing Bugle can arrange to have any magazines, brochures or stationery printed at high quality but lower than standard prices. Please get in touch for your quote. We work with a number of printing companies to ensure that we have one who specialises in the type of printing you require.

Not all printers are the same where one may specialise in A5 colour glossy magazine printing, another may be better for mail-shots while, still another, may be a specialist in high end promotional material. Marketing Bugle will find the right printer for you who can print your order at an affordable price. Call us on the number above or email admin(at)

A design service for your leaflets is available from £45.00 per hour.  Normally leaflet design is completed within one hour.?


The most effective way for many local businesses to reach local people.

While other traditional advertising methods are dying a slow death, leaflets continue ?to bring in great results over and over again.

It is now very affordable to print 5000 or more leaflets and distribute them around your local business area.

Adding QR (Quick Response) Codes to your leaflets improves resposne rates.

Add coupons to your leaflets for even better results.  A strong call to action will improve responses plus, you'll capture more names for future promotions.

Having your leaflet professionally designed will help it get noticed once it is pushed through the recipient's letter box or when on display in a stand.


Leaflets are ideal for all sorts of businesses like food takeaway services and local events etc. but a business selling, say, laptop computers may not get the benefit as the target audience may not be in a tight local area.

Badly designed leaflets may get very low or even zero response rates.

An example for leaflet printing would be 5000 A5, Glossy Colour, Double Sided on 135gsm paper - £99.00 incl delivery to one address. Distribution fee varies depending on amount of leaflets and area to be distributed to.

Hospital Radio Show Support

If you would like to be giving to charity while getting your business message out, then you'll do no better than having your own 'supported' hour-long radio show presented by a pro DJ.

Your business will be mentioned up to 4 times each show.

We distribute our shows across the UKs Hospital Radio network for the participating stations to schedule and playout each day or week.  The shows aren't just broadcast to hospital patients, they are also available for anyone to tune into via the Internet.  This means 1000s of extra listeners are able to tune in.

The radio shows are uploaded to MixCloud for extra exposure.

There is no time limit for any show.  It can be repeated or replayed over and over and listened to by anyone right into the future, possibly, for years to come as they are produced as an 'evergreen' format for suitable playing at any time of day, anywhere.?


Your show could be syndicated to reach hundreds or thousands of people each day.

Each show has a professional presenter who knows how to get the best out of each programme.

There is no limit on how long your show stays live for.  Once published for broadcast, it can go viral over time.  Hospital Radio stations tend to repeat shows over and over which, in turn, means YOUR business gets exposure every time, 4 times per hour.

Our shows are often making the Top 10 in the MixCloud charts (open to the public) where, out of tens of thousands of other shows, ours are getting plenty of listens.  This proves how popular they can be.

Funds raised by this service are given to the HR Stations in value of marketing services to their target audience. This may be website design, promotional video production, email marketing or anything they require to improve their station output. It is very expensive to keep a station running and so, funding the building of websites etc. will save them money while they reap the rewards of more listeners and, in turn, support.?

All broadcasters are FULLY licenced to play music and hold current PRS and PPL certificates.


We cannot guarantee that any show will get maximum exposure (which is why we encourage booking a series of shows just in case a show gets 'overlooked') as not all hospital radio stations take on all shows.

Funds raised by this service are given to the HR Stations in value of marketing services to their target audience. This may be website design, promotional video production, email marketing or anything they require to improve their station output. It is very expensive to keep a station running and so, funding the building of websites etc. will save them money while they reap the rewards of more listeners and, in turn, support.?

Prices start from £50.00 for each show but you can book more than one at £35.00 for each extra show when booked at the same time as the initial order.?

Direct Link Images?

Images on Facebook, with an amazing difference …. Proven!

Facebook now only allows around 6% of the average Facebook Friends to view any post you make. This occasionally grows when people interact with your posts, ie, they Like, Share and Comment on your post.

Marketing Bugle can insert ‘special’ images (containing any Call To Action you please) onto your Timeline that have proven to increase responses many-fold.

Any post that contains links that take viewers OUTSIDE of Facebook will be restricted on how many other timelines it will appear on so our ‘Special’ images make it look as though they are INTERNAL links but can take the viewer to any page or download anywhere on the Internet without penalty, so to speak. You’ll notice that these posts to your Timeline get many more views than your ordinary conventional posts.

The same thing happens to the videos that we produce for you … just watch the number of views skyrocket compared to your ordinary image and text posts


When first testing these ‘Live-Link’ Images, it really was fascinating to see how they always got more views than any other ordinary Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest posting. Facebook, for example, restrict views on each post, especially when they link to a page outside of Facebook itself.

As these specially coded images make it look as though they are internal posted links, your post is shown to more people on their Timeline.

On Twitter, people always respond better to images than just plain text. A must for all marketers.


You will need to design your image before submitting it to us to place it onto your Facebook page as a post. This can be time consuming, however, we do have a ‘Done For You’ option.

You need to enter text with each post to further enhance your post which needs to be submitted to us before posting. Again, we do have a ‘Done For You’ option as long as we have details to work with.

Online Competitions

They just love a challenge. Imagine you are offering a free download of a useful report based on your product’s niche. You could ask your readers to answer a question in order to get the valuable download and, in doing so, you have captured their email address with their permission.

Running online competitions like this increases responses no-end and where you can set a timer to start and stop each quiz. Winners are chosen automatically, if required.


Quizzes and competitions are proven winners when it comes to collecting potential customer's name and email address.  This system is brand new and has some very clever configurations.


You do need to notify the winners of each competition but this can be automated.  You also have to arrange for the prize to be created ready to give to the winner or winners.

Name Capture Video Landing Pages

How about a landing page for your visitors that not only shows text, images or videos to your viewer but also captures their name and email address as well. Rewarding them with a complimentary digital download or Prize Draw entry works wonders for increasing responses to your offer of a free email newsletter subscription.

The name capture form can have a video running behind it plus an explainer video on the form itself. This is a proven method of getting more sales.


Although this is brand new technology, it's already proven to convert very well and is fun to use for both business and potential clients.


Can be very technical to set up yourself and configure, however, this is a Done For You service on most websites.

Promo Material Design In The Cloud

One of the most useful tools you could ever have when marketing, is something that creates marketing material for your clients.

We live in a print world with printing options around us every day, be it fliers, business cards, tickets, rack cards, coupons, loyalty cards, leaflets, gift certificate, the list goes on.

To this end, Marketing Bugle have an online facility whereby you can create all of the above, and more, using a simple interface using read-made proven designs and layouts. All you need do is alter the text, colours and any images if you so choose.

Even starting from a blank canvas is no problem as you can create your graphic in just a few minutes, every time.

Learning (and paying a huge price for) something like Photoshop is all very well but it is just too complicated for most people when they just want something quick and for it to look professional.

Instant Bugle Design’ is for you, either for personal use or to create material for your clients. Contact us for details of how to trial the service.


Very easy to use with simple and straightforward interface.

Fliers, menus, business cards, tickets, coupons etc. can be created in minutes.

You can charge your clients for creating their promotional material for them and keep 100% of the profits.

Works in the Cloud so is fast and accessible no matter where you are or which computer you are using.

As it is Cloud based it works on PC or Mac computers.

You can download your work to send to the printers.

You can upload current files and continue working where you left off.

Can be viewed in 3D Realistic and Classic views for downloading promotional image purposes.

To save your file in order to work on it again at a later time, simply ‘Save’ and give it a name. To continue using, simply ‘Load’ that same file.

To save as a completed image for printing out etc., click ‘Download’ then name the file and Save.

Work in progress is saved as an .xml file while completed projects are saved as image files.


Your completed or current work is not stored in the Cloud when you want to log out of the system, you need to download or save your work by Saving it to your computer or thumb-drive etc..

To continue where you left off, you need to upload your design from the device you are using.

Social Media Header Creation In The Cloud

It’s now possible to design all your Social Media headers and panels and even your online/offline Ads, in the Cloud with Marketing Bugle’s ‘Instant Bugle Online’ software.

We discovered that so many people did not have a Facebook Cover image, for example, and yet it could be so easy to create one, if only you knew how.

So, rather than you taking in an overpriced new piece of graphics editing software and take months or years learning how to use it, we created the possibility to do it, in just a few minutes, from a website build especially for this task.

Simply enter the size you require and click, drag and drop your way to some really professional banners, headers, ads, panels and more. It really is only limited to your imagination.

We have found this to be the most visited online pieces of software by those who just want something quick for online use and don’t want to spend ages messing with the tools to create it.

Instant Bugle Online, is fast and very easy to use.

There are a number of very useful tools to help you design exactly what you’re looking for and it really is FUN to use.


Create headers for ANY websites, Facebook covers, Twitter headers, YouTube and more.

Create website banners.

Create Ads for use offline or online.

Simply enter your header size (up to 2120x1192px) and start designing.

100s of built-in graphics.

Smooth learning curve to use … can get professional results in minutes.


May not appeal to experts at Photoshop, however they may prefer using this software for the speed at which you can design and produce something very professional looking plus they can access their online accounts from anywhere in the world.

Your account is for your use only, your clients cannot sign in, however, you can design headers banners and Ads etc. for them as an additional service.


Consultation services allow a one hour consult about your current marketing efforts and how you can improve, add to or make changes to them in order to get more resposnes for your advertising outlay.

Any payment made for a consultation is deducted from the fee for any services you then go on to order.


So many people simply don't realise that a small change to their marketing efforts can make a huge difference to their results.  Marketing Bugle can spot any pitfalls right away and advise on how best to remedy this.

So many people simply don't realise that a small change to their marketing efforts can make a huge difference to their results. Marketing Bugle can spot any pitfalls right away and advise on how best to remedy this.

There are now strategies and tools available that just were not around a few short years ago but are proving VERY effective for those that take the plunge and actually CHANGE from their conventional and traditional marketing and turn to the newer and more affordable ways.


Business owners often feel that consultations are just sales pitches in disguise but, with Marketing Bugle, you get value for the words spoken.

Sadly, after the traditional type of consultation, the business owner doesn’t make any moves to implement the advice given and, therefore, never move forward.

Because they keep on doing what they have always done, they keep on getting what they have always got …. Poor results and lower profits.

Prices start from £97.00 for consultations but the fee is discounted from any fee payable when any product or service is ordered.

Marketing Bugle - Different Digital Marketing

Mobile Marketing from Marketing Bugle
Mobile Marketing from Marketing Bugle
Whiteboard info video
Whiteboard info video

Whiteboard Scribe Promo Videos Keep Your Potential Customer With You.
Reduce Bounce Rates While Increasing Your Profits Using Whiteboard Video

Online Surveys Can Work Wonders For Your Business
Online Surveys Can Work Wonders For Your Business

Every survey installed for our clients has made a positive difference.
Knowing what your customer thinks is paramount to 'getting it right'.
Clever differences to the way we present surveys brings in more customers

Our new 'Guided Missile' products really target your audience directly.
Our new 'Guided Missile' products really target your audience directly.

Our new 'Guided Missile' products really target your audience directly.
Adding a countdown timer and clever redirects instantly bring in results.

More people joining your email list, downloading your coupons and buying.
Coupon Downloads Increase Dramatically, Especially From Facebook.
Deals & Special Event Coupons Show Up On Mobile Devices From FB Tabs

Marketing Bugle - The Best email Marketing Service
Marketing Bugle - The Best email Marketing Service

Marketing Bugle Have Been email Marketing Since The 1990s.
Nobody knows more about email for business than our specialists

Podcasting Is Becoming More Popular Than Ever
Podcasting Is Becoming More Popular Than Ever

The Marketer's TRUE Secret Weapon - Podcasting For Business
Do you know what you're talking about or know someone that does?
Get Podcasting - A Great Way To Build Your Following And GET SALES

We don't forget offline markeitng - Leaflets still draw a crowd
We don't forget offline markeitng - Leaflets still draw a crowd

Never Forget Your Offline Audience - Leaflets Are A Direct Link To Their Door.
Whether you need leaflets printed or something bigger, we can do it for you.

Leaflet Design, Printing & Distribution To Local Areas Can Be Arranged

Support a Charity Radio Show
Support a Charity Radio Show

Get Your Business Known While Doing Your Bit For Charity

Support a one hour show - it's easy and your show is networked across the UK and beyond 🙂

Book a Business Consultation Over Skype or Zoom
Book a Business Consultation Over Skype or Zoom
Creating and Designing in the Cloud
Creating and Designing in the Cloud

Design and Print with Marketing Bugle

Online Courses - A constant Stream of Income On Autopilot
Online Courses - A constant Stream of Income On Autopilot

You can get your own courses online by featuring them on one of our niche websites or having a special website built specialising in your course theme.


Earn instant funds from people taking your courses.

Take third-party courses on your site and earn commissions or monthly fees.

Feature advertisements from ​companies that you are affiliated to.

We can promote your courses for you.​

Quizzes can be taken by your students

Badges can be awarded for reaching pre-determined goals

Certificates can be awarded for course completion

Turn your paper-based course into a video (best way).


You need to adapt offline courses before they can be used online, however, this can be done for you.​

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