Pub ‘Care Plan’ Launched

Available November 2017

Pubs and pub/restaurants have been benefitting from the services of Marketing Bugle for a number of years now, which is why, at last, a new marketing Care Plan has been created so that landlords and landladies can join in at an affordable rate with a proven system.

Collecting new customer contact details, keeping in touch with them automatically, making offers and interactive online media content etc. all goes towards getting new customers and keeping them coming back again and again.

Once a business has built up a list of 'followers', the sky's the limit for bringing them into your pub or restaurant, pretty well, whenever you want them.

How is this achieved?

Doing it yourself takes time, effort, know-how and an almost bottomless pit of funds.

However, letting Marketing Bugle do it for you for one easy monthly rate, you can get on with running your business while everything required to get you customers (and keeping existing customers) is being done for you, month in-month out.

We attract them to give their first name and main email address.  This subscribes them to your pub email update system (known as an 'Autoresponder') which we create on your behalf.

This list builds and it's to this list that we send your 'relationship building' emails.  These emails contain links to special website 'Landing Pages' that offer something that they can have, when they visit your pub or restaurant.

Add Social Media posts on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, websites and so on and you'll see your business growing each month.

Our special-built online marketing tools ensure we reach them all, at any time and get interaction and responses.  This is achieved by promo videos, quizzes, tempting special deals, prize draws and more.

Let Marketing Bugle do the marketing for your pub/restaurant and see the difference it makes.

You get more time to do what you want to do, instead of being stuck in front of your computer, we bring you more profits, you get the peace of mind knowing it's all being done-for-you and your customers will love being with you.

Get in touch today to discover how the Marketing Bugle Pub-Care-Plan can work for your business.