New Webinar Funnel Building To 10x Your Success

Automated Webinar Playout System

Marketing Bugle have been running webinar funnels for some time but our latest version of this magnificent platform has proven to work wonders for small businesses.

Coaches, consultants and anyone running online courses or similar are benefiting enormously due to the way the webinars are run on a continuous basis.

We run Facebook Ads, drive visitors to a special Landing Page where they can click to book their webinar seat.

They can view the webinar presentation then and there or on a different timeslot if they prefer.

We can even configure a 'replay'.

After the webinar, they can join your event, service, course or product while full of enthusiasm.

Those that don't commit then and there are on your email list and will receive a sequence of emails that guide them into making that purchase.  80% of sales come from this system.

The webinar itself can deliver bonus downloads, questions can be asked live and answered live (or by email) and the whole funnel is very slick and efficient.

To join Marketing Bugle's webinar playout system, where your pre-made webinar is put to work 24/7, simply fill in your details onto the 'Register' page.