Live Streaming On Youtube – Ready to Rank?

No1 Vid in 27 mins - Live streaming with Marketing Bugle

The image above shows how, by using local keywords, it is easier to rank your video after it has been used to 'Live-Stream' to

This local business video ranked at No1 for the search term within 27 minutes ... not just inside Youtube but also on the Google search engine results pages.

Testing our Live-stream video on has completed and where we've had fantastic results.

Ah, you may say, but you WOULD say that, wouldn't you?

Well, here's the thing … the secret is to use LOCAL keywords for local businesses and, once the Live-Stream is set up correctly, Google ranks your video very highly as soon as the event happens.

We have found that your video ranks on Google and, of course on Youtube for, at least, a few days afterwards and, in some cases, a few weeks.

Then you simply perform another Live-Stream in order to get ranked over again, almost instantly in some of the pilot programme tests.

I have tested a number of local niches and most were pretty easy to get ranked so, here's your chance to join in.

We can create a video for you in a way that will be attractive to viewers, enhance the keywords after some research and then, set it to go out live.

You can even be there to answer any questions people may have.

Youtube Live-Stream seems to be very generous when it comes to local business so now is the time to get on board.  Contact Martyn at Marketing Bugle and let's get started.