Help Is Never Far Away

The new Marketing Bugle Help-Desk has launched for both pre-sales enquiries and for clients.

We did trial a system a while back but found we didn't need the bells and whistles but, rather, something that was easy for people to use and understand.

There is a knowledgebase in place which will grow as people start to really engage with the system.

Commonly asked questions are featured and, of course, useful articles that may answer your question right away and save you having to open a ticket at all.

As Marketing Bugle now have so many customers, it was the best idea in order to keep things slick and traceable.  Efficiency is paramount when dealing with any issues and where using a help desk system optimises support no-end.

If you would like to take an early look at the knowledgebase, visit the Marketing Bugle Helpdesk page here.

Help Desk from Marketing Bugle

When  you visit the Helpdesk page, simply click on the 'Submit a Ticket' button and follow the on-screen prompts.