Enjoy The Challenge

No matter which business niche you are involved in, setting a fun challenge for your potential clients can work wonders towards making your event, service or product launch a complete success.

By awarding points to participants each time they complete a task, you can offer rewards along the way to keep them actively Sharing your promotion to their family, friends and contacts all around the Internet.

The overall 'winner' can be given the main prize but, there are many variations of challenges you may choose to use.

If you're growing your email subscriber list, this is one of the best ways to do so and, after the challenge is over, you can keep in touch with those who joined it, by using the email marketing system for future offers and notifications.  When a person is ready to buy, they'll buy from you because, after building this relationship with them, they trust you.

Keep running different types of challenge for different areas of your business and watch your customer loyalty grow.

Contact Marketing Bugle for details of how we can run such for your business.  Challenges are fun and totally Shareable.