Chat Messenger Service On Your Business Websites

Connect Messenger to Your FB Business Pages
Connect Messenger to Your FB Business Pages

Marketing Bugle can now connect your website to your Facebook Business Page, via the Facebook Messenger API.  Fully compliant with their Terms of Service, Bugle Site-Connect enables you to instantly receive questions from potential clients for your website pages or people can signup to receive your 'Broadcast Messages' directly to their FB Messenger Inbox.

This means that you can reach anyone instantly on their mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer.

As your subscriber list builds, your messages reach more people instantly.

You even get your own Control Panel to instantly send out live broadcasts or schedule them for automatically sending later.  This way, you can plan well in advance.

You can add as many of your Business Facebook Pages as you require and link to unlimited websites that you own.

Use this form for us to call you back with more details.

There is a one-time set up for this service of £149.00 and then £75.00 per year to renew.

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