Video Marketing

Bugle Academy TV Just Keeps Getter Better ….

15k Views on one video in one month

Things are changing for the better on Marketing Bugle Academy’s Roku TV channel. The network categorisation for all the different types of videos is now going to be sorted in such a a way that potetnial viewers will be able to find what they are looking for right away. The subscription model for video producers…

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Your Business Website In The Cloud

Lightning Delivery

YOUR BUSINESS WEBSITE CAN RUN FASTER! We can now build your website so that it runs in the cloud …. Meaning that page load times will increase many-fold. It’s now a must to have your website pages loading in less than 4 seconds, otherwise the search engines may not rank it highly or, if it…

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Live Webinars, They’re The Thing

Marketing Bugle have always been able to ‘get your webinar out there’ but, to present a live broadcast was something you had to pay thousands of pounds year for, plus a monthly fee and extra if you wanted a bigger audience, goodness. Thankfully, that’s a thing of the past now as Marketing Bugle can now…

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Live Streaming On Youtube – Ready to Rank?

Live-Stream Video Raning by Marketing Bugle

The image above shows how, by using local keywords, it is easier to rank your video after it has been used to ‘Live-Stream’ to This local business video ranked at No1 for the search term within 27 minutes … not just inside Youtube but also on the Google search engine results pages. Testing our…

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Facebook Cover Videos Launched

V is for video header - Marketing Bugle

V is for video header – Marketing Bugle Facebook have now released an exciting new update that CAN work for businesses and, indeed, it does. Instead of just a boring image or text, you can now have a VIDEO play back on top of your Timeline to replace the ordinary static cover image. Marketing Bugle…

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Have Your Slideshow Promo Videos Created For You

Video Sales Letters Outperfrom Traditional Methods Online VIDEO SALES LETTERS You probably already know that video converts viewers into buyers at a much higher rate than text posts alone. Marketing Bugle are now offering to build VSLs … Video Sales Letters for clients who want to have an affordable way to use video but without the traditionally high production costs. The…

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Business Promo Videos – The Affordable ‘Must-Have’

Marketing Bugle Business Promo Videos Promo Video creation is now affordable and has a good ROI We can build a strategy that works for YOUR business Leave it to the Marketing Bugle expertise We measure how effective your video is with split-testing We research to find your ideal target audience Full performance analytics for every…

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