Bugle Academy TV Just Keeps Getter Better ….

15k Views on one video in one month

Things are changing for the better on Marketing Bugle Academy's Roku TV channel.

The network categorisation for all the different types of videos is now going to be sorted in such a a way that potetnial viewers will be able to find what they are looking for right away.

The subscription model for video producers has been improved and now videos can stay live for as long as a business is a subscriber.

We realise it has taken time to get onto the Amazon Fire TV network but they are very strict about what is being promoted and so we are focusing on the Roku network at the moment.

Our new Amazon Fire TV network channel will be going live in due course, though.

To keep the channels as active as can be, more new videos are being uploaded all the time.  Marketing Bugle Academy TV have exclusive rights to a large number of training videos and they are attracting a huge TV audience.  This helps other videos on tv channel, of course and viewing figures just keep rising.

To get YOUR business video onto a live TV channel, visit https://marketingbugleacademy.com for details.