Facebook for Locals

There’s nothing wrong with creating a website and failing to monetise it. If you just want to write articles or post pictures or host videos, that’s your prerogative. However, if you want to make money, you need to know how to convert website visitors into customers. Lookalike-Audiences Those business owners who are using Facebook to…

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Your Business Website In The Cloud

Lightning Delivery

YOUR BUSINESS WEBSITE CAN RUN FASTER! We can now build your website so that it runs in the cloud …. Meaning that page load times will increase many-fold. It’s now a must to have your website pages loading in less than 4 seconds, otherwise the search engines may not rank it highly or, if it…

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Live Webinars, They’re The Thing

Marketing Bugle have always been able to ‘get your webinar out there’ but, to present a live broadcast was something you had to pay thousands of pounds year for, plus a monthly fee and extra if you wanted a bigger audience, goodness. Thankfully, that’s a thing of the past now as Marketing Bugle can now…

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Why Choose Marketing Bugle To Create And Run Your Facebook Ad Campaigns?

FB Ads Solution

FB Ads Solution Unlike agencies, we go deeper into client FB Ad campaigns in order to find exactly what will work for them. It’s all very well running an Ad or two to ‘see what happens’ but with Marketing Bugle, you’ll be benefiting from specialist software that helps make each campaign more successful than ever…

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At Last! The Best Page & Funnel Builder Arrives

B I G – A N N O U N C E M E N T [Marketing Bugle Accelerated Sales Funnels] Now YOUR business can run on the fastest and highest converting platform in the world! At last!  Now you can have your sales funnel, website hosting and shopping cart all under one roof. Using…

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6 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Marketing to ‘Marketing Bugle’

Online marketing is easy. Everybody’s doing it, from bloggers to Etsy entrepreneurs. Why should you pay for something you can do yourself, right? You could look at it that way. It’s certainly true that technology has made marketing more accessible than ever. If you’re just starting out, you may think that spending money to hire…

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Why Free Costs So Much With Website Hosting

Free Can Be Costing Your Business

So often we’re asked about hosting on the low-cost budget website hosting services or even about the, so called, ‘free’ web hosting accounts that are available. Why do our potential clients ask such? Well, as some of them may be just starting out in business, they are obviously looking at the cheapest way to get…

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Facebook’s Zuckerberg fires back at ‘glib’ Apple’s Tim Cook

  Mark Zuckerberg says it is “extremely glib” to suggest Facebook does not care about its users. Facebook’s chief executive has defended his leadership following criticism from his counterpart at Apple. Mark Zuckerberg said it was “extremely glib” to suggest that because the public did not pay to use Facebook that it did not care…

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New Webinar Funnel Building To 10x Your Success

Automated Webinar Playout System

Marketing Bugle have been running webinar funnels for some time but our latest version of this magnificent platform has proven to work wonders for small businesses. Coaches, consultants and anyone running online courses or similar are benefiting enormously due to the way the webinars are run on a continuous basis. We run Facebook Ads, drive…

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Chat Messenger Service On Your Business Websites

Connect Messenger to Your FB Business Pages

Connect Messenger to Your FB Business Pages Marketing Bugle can now connect your website to your Facebook Business Page, via the Facebook Messenger API.  Fully compliant with their Terms of Service, Bugle Site-Connect enables you to instantly receive questions from potential clients for your website pages or people can signup to receive your ‘Broadcast Messages’…

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