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Marketing Bugle - Marketing Specialist

Marketing Bugle was formed back in the 1990s by Martyn Brown, an entrepreneurial type from the UK.

After running local community magazines for a number of years and offline marketing campaigns for local traders, he found that the Internet was the way forward.

“Cutting a long story short”, Martyn commented, “I found that, as each month passed, the online part of my marketing was working much better for the client than my magazine advertising and so I eventually moved over to 90% online marketing”.

Marketing Bugle’s strategies have evolved to become some of the most powerful systems available to any business with software being created especially and exclusively for them.

Now covering web hosting, website building and everything from email marketing to everything a Sales Funnel could ever require including promo videos, Marketing Bugle is one of the most sought after businesses for running small and medium sized campaigns.

They work on a one to one basis and discover exactly what you need and how to get things working for you online so that finding your target audience becomes second nature and ‘all things Internet’ become a success for your business.